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Please follow these instructions to insure you are taking care of you NOTORIOUS Bundles and wigs correctly.




•     Use a Sulfate- free shampoo to co-wash before install. Wash bundles\wig once a week. Please do NOT massage hair when washing.

•     Once thoroughly washed, use a moisturizing conditioner. Apply from the ends of hair up to the scalp/root. Rinse thoroughly.

•     Let your hair air dry.

•     Always use a wide tooth comb/paddle brush when combing or detangling hair. Start at the ends of hair and work your way from the ends of hair up to the scalp/roots.

•     Always wear a silk bonnet/scarf when going to bed.

•     If hair is straight/wavy put in1- 2 loose braids when working out or going to sleep.

•     If hair is curly put in a BIG ponytail or 2 big braids while working out. If going to sleep still cover with a silk bonnet/scarf.

•     When using hot tools do NOT exceed 400 degrees to avoid heat damage to hair.

•     When styling with heat, always remember to use a heat protectant spray.

•     If coloring/bleach hair consult a professional to avoid over processing hair.

•     For CURLY hair, detangle hair while it is DAMP! Always remembering to use a wide tooth comb/paddle brush. Comb from ends of hair up to scalp/roots in sections. After shampooing, use a rich moisturizing conditioner. Leave conditioner on to hair up to 10-15 mins. When rinsing scrunch hair. After rinsing, comb through hair again. Use a small amount of alcohol free anti frizz serum. Let AIR DRY!

•     Please do NOT forget to use a water spray bottle to spray your hair when combing through it!

•     613 keep hair lightly moisturized to protect hair. Do NOT use heavy greasy products because it will make your hair stiff when styling.

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