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Rushed orders dollars on top of including will result in paying $30-$50 extra the entire total of package shipping.

The NOTORIOUS Bundle Collection will be referred to as: TNBC


Shipping and Delivery Information


Shipping, Payment processing & Delivery


TNBC uses the PRE-ORDER system. Pre-Order means I go through my hair vendor(s) once I receive your payment. I am just starting so I do NOT have all inventory on hand. With pre-ordering, I need 1-4 business days for payment processing. Once the payment is cleared, I need 3-10 business days to get the hair delivered to your door. Due to customs delay in releasing packages it may be 1 day or 2 days longer. This rarely happens, but I want to be as transparent with you as possible. If this happens, TNBC will be in touch with you directly through email. In most cases, you can have your package within a week. Giving time frames keeps all our minds at ease.


Shipping will be through FEDEX. Shipping will be based on your preferred shipping option and weight. You will receive a tracking number with your order once I have received the product.

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